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About Us

From Sarah -

I'm a Fayetteville native with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from NCSU.  My husband was my high school sweetheart, and we have 3 sassy and spunky daughters together.


My first daughter was born at 34 weeks and spent 11 days in the NICU.  Breastfeeding was certainly not easy at first by any means, but we knew it was best so we pressed on.  Aubrey successfully nursed for 22 months and weaned when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my second.


My second daughter was born at 37 weeks and immediately presented with an upper lip tie and posterior tongue tie symptoms (and so did I - ouch!), which made breastfeeding a challenge until she had both released at 11 weeks of age.  Following her procedure, she skyrocketed in her percentiles and weaned at 33 months when I was 11 weeks pregnant with my third.  It was so nice to learn how fulfilling and beautiful breastfeeding can be and I look forward to sharing that love with my clients.


Lastly, I gave birth to my third little girl, and welcomed the challenges and successes that breastfeeding and pumping has brought.  She was diagnosed prenatally with a unilateral cleft lip, alveolus, and palate, so once again, I expanded my horizons and learn more each day as I took on a new role as her mommy and being a mother to three girls.  I pumped with her for 3 years (to the day!) and she weaned from nighttime comfort nursing the mo


Breastfeeding and being a lactation consultant (IBCLC) are  passions of mine, and I have an innate love to help others breastfeed and/or pump as well.  Because of my girls' stories, I am able to relate to moms that have issues with breastfeeding their babies, and will create a care plan for each nursing baby so you too may learn the love of breastfeeding and breastmilk feeding.


I have a special interest in NICU and preterm babies, as well as tongue and lip restrictions - due to my personal experiences with ties, I have sought out specialized training in working with the tongue tied infant, to include TOTS, or Tethered Oral Tissue Specialty, the TummyTime! Method Advanced Certification, IBCLC Masterclass, Movement Moments, and more.

I am constantly looking for ways to help our community support resources grow and thrive in the interest of breastfeeding.  In recognizing the need for better local support, I helped to create and implement the only laser tongue tie release program in our area and the first in the state.  Village Family Dental is committed to the full spectrum of care, and has me attend all procedures to assist with post treatment latching, aftercare, and support.  

I am a part of the Class of 2018 Fayetteville's 40 Under 40 and I am the 2020 recipient of the US Lactation Consultant Association's President's Award.  I am the proud owner of LATCH Breastfeeding and Postpartum Wellness Center!

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From Bridgett -

Bridgett began nursing 16 years ago, with a variety of clinical backgrounds that include mental health, women’s health, geriatrics, case management and correctional nursing.
As a women’s health nurse practitioner, she is trained to provide holistic care to all females ranging from adolescents, middle aged to advanced years. As a WHNP, she is also certified to
provide sexual and reproductive health to all genders.

Bridgett attended Fayetteville Technical Community College in 2005 earning a Licensed Practical Nurse diploma, where she began to work with geriatrics in a skilled nursing facility setting. In 2009, she gained an Associate degree in Applied Science transforming from a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse. Later, she gained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Fayetteville State University; utilized this degree to obtain clinical skills in medical surgical, inpatient mental health, and brain injury rehabilitation nursing. In 2017, she took the role as a Registered Nurse Care Manager in a busy Women’s Health clinic providing services to female veterans; operating a nurse clinic to various aged female veterans to include counseling, diabetic teaching, preventive services, and management of chronic diseases and debilities.

While working full time as an inpatient psychiatric nurse, she attended the University of South Alabama achieving a Master of Science in Nursing degree with a specialty in Women’s Health in
2021. She is board certified from the National Certification Corporation, licensed to practice in North Carolina.
She is currently involved in perinatal mental health care diagnosing, assessing, treating, and providing counseling aiding in promoting and maintaining mental health.

Bridgett is actively enhancing patients' positive coping skills and establishing both short- and long-term goals; ensuring there are no barriers for access of care, services are provided in person or telehealth via Zoom.

Bridgett is an active member of the AANP, and the NPWH staying up to date with current evidence-based practices related to women’s health and sexual reproductive health.

From Madison -

I was born and raised in Marshville, North Carolina. At 22, I met my husband at a car drag strip.  I love cars and my husband and I still enjoy them as a hobby. We were married shortly after.
After moving to Fayetteville, I attended FTCC hoping to transfer to a Physician’s Assistant program. As life has it, I became pregnant with my first son. I continued with school towards an Associate’s in Science until he was born.

Having never been exposed to breastfeeding, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or if I would succeed. After researching and talking with friends I decided I would try, but accepted that I would bottle
feed if need be. Everything changed after he was born and I realized exactly how much I wanted to breastfeed, but I was met with obstacle after obstacle. We managed to push through with support from my husband and made it to 22 months before he weaned.

I had very little professional support in my breastfeeding journey so I decided to go back to school to be a Lactation Consultant. I began working on my Bachelors in Maternal and Infant Health. I knew this was where my true passion was and really felt like I found my calling. At the time I was working at a natural parenting store here in Fayetteville named Bumbledoo. I was able to see how important it was for the community here to have more lactation support.  My second son was born and I was so sure things were off to a great start. Around 3 weeks old he began spitting up much more than what is considered to be normal. He was gaining weight
quickly and our doctor brushed it off. After researching I learned that he had a dairy intolerance as well as a lip and tongue tie. I removed all dairy from my diet for over a year and he continued
breastfeeding until a little past 2.5 years.

My last baby also had a rough start with nursing. I joke she wanted to make sure I experienced all the not fun parts of breastfeeding so I could be a better IBCLC. Within the first month we had mastitis twice, lip and tongue tie that no one in Italy would release, and then recurring thrush for almost 3 months. After the thrush cleared up it was smooth sailing from there. She weaned at 23 months.

10 years after starting my IBCLC journey I finally finished my Bachelors in Maternal and Infant Health from Union Institute and University. Moving with the Army, having babies close together, and life in general caused my journey to take a while, but all the years in between have made me the IBCLC that I am today. I am passionate about early support and education as well as food intolerances while breastfeeding. Babywearing is my second love, so when I’m not working as an IBCLC you’ll find me helping and educating families about baby carriers.

I am a certified TummyTime! Method practitioner and most recently obtained my IBCLC Masterclass certification.

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From Samantha (Sam) -

A native of Jamaica, Sam came to the states as a teenager and enlisted in the army after graduating high school, where she served as an active duty soldier for 8 years. During her childhood, she watched her mother struggle with access to care and her interest in caring for women was sparked. It was however, during her time in the service while working on a birthing unit at a military facility, that she discovered her love for nursing and midwifery. She then set a goal to one day become a midwife. 

While on active duty she received her certification through the army and became a LPN. After completing her time in service, she received her Associate Degree in Nursing from Fayetteville Technical Community College in 2014. She then acquired her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Fayetteville State University in 2017. Sam now holds a Master’s degree in Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University.

Sam is a wife and mother of 3 children, and is very passionate about women’s health and education. When she is not working, her focus is on her family and spending time with her kids. She realizes how important it is to take care of the woman holistically and the influence that this care and education can have on the family unit.

With her 15 years of medical experiences, 11 of those years were taking care of mothers and babies. She is a breastfeeding advocate and a Certified Lactation Counselor. For the last 7 years she has more specifically focused on postpartum and newborn care. It has been her experience, and she  believes that although much needed care is focused on the pregnant and laboring mother, less emphasis is placed on the very important postpartum phase. She has become very passionate in offering care and support to mother’s during this time. It is with this spirit that she joins the LATCH family where she can continue with the business of taking care of women and offering care for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.

Other Providers (Bios to Come)

Janicque Dixon-Hunter - Licensed Bodywork and Massage Therapist

Jameila Torrey - Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate

Aubre Pribulsky - Administration

Bethany Drake - Medical Biller

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